English Courses

My English Courses at PLU

Over the course of my time as an English major at PLU, I have had the opportunity to take a collection of fascinating classes. These courses have covered everything from Shakespeare to Transnational American Literature, while allowing me to have a heavy focus on the works of Jane Austen. I was exposed to a broad range of texts and topics, but as you will soon see I tend to gravitate to four themes. I have been lucky enough to have professors that have encouraged me to study the themes I find interesting, and I am grateful for the opportunities the English department at PLU has afforded me.

The courses: English 251: Gender and Ethics from Shakespeare to AustenEnglish 300: English Studies Seminar, English 301: Shakespeare, English 345: Women Writing Strange Things, English 374: Transnational American Literature, English 400: Studies in Theory and Criticism.